F​.​L​.​Y. First Love Yourself

by Hashim Hakim AKA H2

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From the Hard Knock Life Tour Documentary "Back Stage" comes Mr. Orange Suit Aka H2 Aka Hashim Hakim. Hashim freestyled with Jay Z and DMX in one of the most talked about ciphers in the history of Hip Hop.

Also comes The Future of Hip Hop: Tyre Hakim, Justus, Concise Flo, Allah's Apprentice, Qadir Hakim, Al Shereef, Reese Maryam and Qadeerah:


released February 17, 2014

Eracism Records, Exxodus Music Group, Stepp Recording Studio



all rights reserved


Hashim Hakim AKA H2

Featured in the cipher with Jay-z and DMX "Backstage"

Hashim blends his survival knowledge of street culture and packages it effortlessly as he delivers a dominating presence to the Hip Hop culture.

Hashim Hakim Aka H2 is the unexpected spectacle of events. With love and warfare as his ingredients, H2 magically prepares the table for all who come to feast on a good music.

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Track Name: Zendayaah
Verse 1
1 st comes the contractions
Jump into the contraption
Speeding to the hospital
Where it all happens1
This lady’s in the passenger seat
Screaming and slapping
She yelling at the traffic
Not funny but I’m laughing2
She doesn’t see me
You wouldn’t want to be me
I wouldn’t want to be her
I finally get there3
As I request the wheel chair
They contact Doc
Now this ladys out the car
walking across the lot4
Stop Maam
please down sit in the chair
I feel myself aging
Graying in the hair5
My son is trying to help
But he’s almost traumatized
Cause mommys on a stretcher
And she aint acting right6
Son begins to cry
Tears feel up my eyes
I gotta stay strong for my son
And my wife7
She’s about to give life
From a ménage je tre
Me and this lady
With the help of Allah8

Verse 2
Up the elevator
To the triage room
But little do they know
She’s already bout to bloom1
Now they have her strapped in
Counting the contractions
Like she’s over reacting
No it’s bout to happen2
Rush her to the delivery room
Says nurse
I pick up our belongings
Son grabs your mother’s purse3
The pain gets worse
Like why me
The lady start to scream
Like a nightmare dream4
No time for epidural
No time for Ivy
Cervix is wide open
I’m bracing like Finally5
The water bag is showing
Dr. Love breaks it
All the pain this lady’s showing
I wish that I could take it6
Then the pain fled
Lady open up your legs
Next contraction push
That’s when I saw my daughter’s head7
Joy feels the room
The sun started shinning
Rain down tears of joy
For Zendayaah
Track Name: Go!
Go! By Hashim Hakim Featuring Qadeera

Hook: On your mark
Get … Set
Go Go Go
It aint yellow
It aint red
Go… Go …Go...
Turn up-Turn Up- Turn Up
Go… Go …Go…
Turn up-Turn Up- Turn Up

Rude boy
I’m the underground King
Undisputed like Floyd
Lord of the Ring1.
My planet is diggable
dig my digital
UFO flow connected like legos let’s go2
Back up all that ish
That you be talking in the press
I’m stepping on your toes
Walking on your chest3
Already ready
Born Ready
Meat Ballin
On my doe like spaghetti4
That’s you?
Too bad that’s you
What I’m about to do
Will have you leaking Ragu5
See my crizue
My 1 2
Will bust right through you
Rise like cream
Size my ring
And still the undefeated champ
Is me7
I aint worried bout a thing
Now kiss my ring Because
Im the King I’m the King
Bow down to the King

Verse 2
I work for what I got
I aint worried about nothing
From the bottom to the top
And I aint inherit nothing
Time for my shine
I aint worried bout nothing
I’m looking out for mine
yall don’t care about nothing

Imma do it big, when I get big
I don’t want a mansion,
I don’t want a crib,
imma need a city
I know how Imma live
40 acres and a mule
Better gimme my shit (Pause)
What you know about po
Piss po 6 kids on the floor
Can’t see, candles in the dark
Momma what we gone eat, I don’t know

Still I aint no joke
Lynch Party
But bring your own rope
the Riots in 67
Man it’s time to revolt

I’m the underground King
I cant be over thrown

Verse 3
Damn what’s up
With the rap game
Ganstas sat down
taking lap game1
anything Go
George killed tray
But he’s innocent to go2
A feminine man
Is the new Black image
Olive oil
She eating all the Spinach3
These devil telling me
If I want to win it
Take the Blue dress
Then hop in it4
But I’m Neo
I’m gone win it
You a wanna be hero
Stuck in it5
Bang this MoFo
Bang it
Strangle this MoFo
Hang it6
To these he she queen
London Bridges falling down
But we Going up stream7
I aint no mannequin
Or puppet with a string
Black Bottm to the Top
I’m the King of the D
Track Name: Hashim Hakim, Justus, Concise FLO - We Winnin'
We Winnin’
Verse One
I’ve been underrated before
Underdog to the core
Got down to my last straw
blew past ya’ll for the score1
Got a crazy man in me, few can handle me
Faint hearted soon to abandon me
In turn I still learn, that interns
Are like Grey Anatomy2
So they stay mad at me
It aint real, it’s like Play mad at me
No go no homo unnatural
So you gay mad at me3
Hotter than the summer
another been around brother NO
Columbus didn’t discover
Take my mask off, blast off
from my last fall and recover4
Now back off or Ill clap off
You don’t really want to see me snap off
Healed up with my cast off
I’m back now Attack noww5
Bang all these hanky panky- yankies
Stinky stinky skunk
Got me feeling cranky
Later you gone thank me
We aint never ever coming last ya’ll
Hand me the baton
And don’t scratch on the pass off7
Now relay this message
Don’t question essence
I keep em guessing
While we keep progressing

Verse Two : Justus

As I sit back and think
On this illuminati thing
On the 1’s and 2’s and how the Jews choose
Control everything1
see what the weather bring
You know what I mean
If I switched up the agenda
And ran track in the winter
Blacks wouldn’t feel splinters2
And we wouldn’t talk about half
the shit we talk about to get into
This game is shame
And self destructing pain3
Ya’ll new slaves, No clue slaves
Do what that Jew says
In regard to my bill of review
What If I rapped about killing up Jews4
White face chics dressed in lace
sex slaves, check slaves
Real Black are well behaved
But that aint what Bad Jews say5
That aint what yall news say
Ya’ll Talmud, Do say
We Goyim Have you read
How To Kill a Goyim6
Weezy doing it for em
Geezy doing it For em
And all yall so called gangsters
Yeah Doing it for em7
But now We doing the scoring
Lupe on my forum
Justus, Tyre Hakim
My whole Team yeah we gone show em
Track Name: Hashim Hakim, Justus, Allah's Apprentice, Qadeera - Is it Worth It?
Is it Worth it? By Hashim Hakim
Up in the morning
Stretching and yawning
Prayer and Quran in
Then I get my jog in1
Instagram Twitter and Face book
Logged in
Like me share retweet me
When they see me put my blog in2
No Black on Black killings
No one go robbed
No murders over nights
Cops are laying off 3
They said they needed help
But they didn’t give me job and
Now I do for self, now I’m wealthy
I’m mobbing4
I’m healthy, My house
Keep a manicured lawn and
I got another Queen
Did it with a pawn5
Bow tie on
Lil homie want to join
My Paper
got a gold trumpet in the corner6
We don’t need a coroner
We just eat to live
Bean Pies on the corner
We just need to give7
Saviors and warner
Business among us
I think it’s worth it
shopping less with the foreigners8
Track Name: Hashim Hakim feat. Al Shereef - Him or Me
Him or Me
I wonder how is on the top
Is the other side greener?
Is there a place called heaven
Or is it a only a dream?1
Is there a thing called love
Do we really know how?
Can I paint a peaceful picture?
Cause you don’t have none now.2
Overwhelmed by in debt
You’re probably blaming a man
Cause he helped you make them babies
Then he let go your hand3
Now your momma don’t want a man
You say you don’t need one
And your son picked up your vibe
Can he don’t wanna be one
Would you believe me if I told you
That they poison fast food
Just so we can buy medicine
To help the economy can move5
Now you’re in a situation
You probably wished that you waited
And you aren’t domesticated
So marriage is over rated6
I know boys will be boys
Boy R Us
If we aren’t trained to be men
Then toys are us. 7
Its role reversal, a feminine rehearsal
I refuse to wear a skirt
Help me break this curse

Would you believe me if I told you
That they poison fast food
Just so we can buy medicine
To help the economy can move8

Verse 2
He got fast cars
He balling in dough
I got 1000 acre
and a UFO1
He got money to blow
Always dressed to kill
I invest my dough
I got a Nation to build2
Cause he’s respected for killing
I’m respected for peace
He’s destroying other family
Just so ya’ll can eat3
They used to ride horses
As a mode of transportation
They used to talk through wires
As a form of communication4
Things aint the same
It’s a whole new generation
People do change
So I’m constantly waiting5
General order 1 2
Take charge of my post
Then walk my post in a perfect manner
My family is my post6
They tell me that I’m settling
And I can get so much more
They can’t see through the mud
And I know this for sure7
This is aint the life for you
I know you’ve heard this before
you are one of a kind
I don’t wanna chance it no more8

Verse 3
Where it all go wrong
From death do us part?
White girl got his money
Black girl got his heart
It really doesn’t matter
What I say right now
Contemplating being
It’s okay right now1
I take it and fake it
And shed the tears of a clown
The ones we love the most
Keep tearing me down2
Hurt people hurt people
So that’s our ways
We used to be a peaceful people
That’s our natural ways3
And Now …
I back away
My heart shuts down
When you act that way4
Scared people can’t win
Cause they don’t take chances
So when that real deal comes
They be scared to advance5
You know every move
To them devilish dances
But you aint never made love to god
This Righteous romancing6
Defensive stance
Exhale I’ll enhance it
Cherish your chances
It’s your time to advance7
Add 7 units
Happenstance let’s change this circumstance
I’m ready don’t leave me hanging
I’m extending my hand
Track Name: Hashim Hakim, Reese Maryam - I'm Listening
I’m Listening
Verse 2
I don’t argue with atheist
I’d tend to disagree
I believe in what I see right here
Looking at me1
A perfected reflection
Girl you don’t need that stress 2
How may I serve you, I heard you
I’m here to help
It’s true I want for you
What I want for myself3
peace of mind
Contentment from the pain that you felt
I was trained well girl
I must say so myself4
Money aint everything
But I’m self employed two jobs
Peter and Paul
no longer get robbed5
I offer freedom, Justice
And I’ll treat you equal
I’m here to follow up your sadness
With a happy sequel6
Whoa Slow down
I’m just trying to be friends
You do your part I do my part
Then we gone shine in the end7
I’m just tryna steal your heart
Then do my time in the end
Give me life-Thick or thin
Girl This time we gone win.

Verse 3
No rush for us to date
We can talk on the phone
And if we do trust me
We gone need a chaperone1
Know you get complimented daily
So can we go beyond?
If fact that’s how you got your child
But now your hero is gone2
Let’s take a stand and fight for love
Yeah let’s go through with trial
Let’s cross examine one another
Let’s go through the files3
Let’s take our time, it’s best to wait
As we investigate, making the same mistakes
Of regret shame and hate4
My god you are so fine
And if you could read my mind
I see the homes, the children,
The business the whole nine5
I’m committed before the ring
Ignoring them other Queens
Won’t be no come back home Charlene
If you know what I mean6
I’m dopamine in your nucleus accumbens
You crave for this loving
Got you budding, busting
Buzzing and blushing7
And I aint even touch you
Once I get in your mind
I’m just tryna get to heaven
That’s gone happen in time
Track Name: Hashim Hakim, Al Shereef - Until We Meet
Until We Meet

1st off I got my eye
On one Or two
I aint tryna go through a few
To get to you1
Do you know what a
True Help mate is?
I aint talking sex
And making a bunch of kids 2
Ya dig? It’s all good
But when it’s all bad
You gone help me get it right…
Or all you all nag? 3
With a bunch of bags
Are your girlfriends sad?
And single
Wonder what kind of men you done had
You know what I mean though4
If the test came
Will I still be the best thing?
Or turn up the volume
Playing to the left man? 5
Could you handle me?
And my spirituality
And help me be
All I plan to be6

You don’t know me
And I wish you did and I
Wish that you
Could have my children
I wish that we
Were compatible
Until we meet
I guess we’ll never know
I pray that you’re the one
The one that’s made for me
I knew this day would come

Verse 2
Are your x’s
Really x’s
When you’re lonely
Are they the ones, you have sex with1
I know it’s your past
But I still have to ask
Why don’t the men on your path
Ever last2
Listen I aint been happy
In a while
How could I know if you’re innocent?
If we don’t go to trial…smile3
This will be over in a minute
Besides it’s hard to get out of a hole
When you’re in it4
My bad if it feels like
A hot seat
But the flags are red
Not me5
Got me, I’m just kidding
Am I going too far?
I pray that this is real
Cause I like who you are6

You don’t know me
And I wish you did and I
Wish that you
Could have my children
I wish that we
Were compatible
Until we meet
I guess we’ll never know
I pray that you’re the one
The one that’s made for me
I knew this day would come

Verse 3
Yes I’ve been around
The block before
And there some things
That people knock me for1
Ill commit
But not before
I explore
Knock down these doors2
What a conscience for
If we don’t use it,
Red Flags
We ignore and abuse em3
Like our exs did
But we choose ‘em
And these girls today
On some new shit4
Too needy
She don’t really mean I do
But you5
Have my attention
1st place
no honorable mention6

Listen God is my witness too
This is the 1st and the last time
I say I do.
God is my witness too
This is the 1st and the last time
I say I do. I DO
Track Name: Hashim Hakim Feat. Tyre Hakim and Justus - VSK
Hashim Hakim verse only

Verse 3
Step your game up
Or get banged up
Everybody in my cipher fit
Trained up1
To the potty from the diapers
They will get raised up
Vipers get sniped
Trifes get blazed up2
Once again it’s on
I got GM on the phone
With a high scale tone
Drama at the dome3
The visitors inhibit the red zone
No solicitors no prisoners
Dead zone4
Chief the coach Supreme QB
Double reverse the GM
Hand off to me5
General order number nine
Is the course for me
Street kata Don Datta
No remorse for me6
We are never the aggressor
Taught by the professor
Trained by a doctor
Grand Master the successor 7
Watch your blood pressure
We will stop whoever
VSK forever
Now all in together8