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Who will be the winners/ losers in today's commercial appeal of Hip Hop?


Go! By Hashim Hakim Featuring Qadeera

Hook: On your mark
Get … Set
Go Go Go
It aint yellow
It aint red
Go… Go …Go...
Turn up-Turn Up- Turn Up
Go… Go …Go…
Turn up-Turn Up- Turn Up

Rude boy
I’m the underground King
Undisputed like Floyd
Lord of the Ring1.
My planet is diggable
dig my digital
UFO flow connected like legos let’s go2
Back up all that ish
That you be talking in the press
I’m stepping on your toes
Walking on your chest3
Already ready
Born Ready
Meat Ballin
On my doe like spaghetti4
That’s you?
Too bad that’s you
What I’m about to do
Will have you leaking Ragu5
See my crizue
My 1 2
Will bust right through you
Rise like cream
Size my ring
And still the undefeated champ
Is me7
I aint worried bout a thing
Now kiss my ring Because
Im the King I’m the King
Bow down to the King

Verse 2
I work for what I got
I aint worried about nothing
From the bottom to the top
And I aint inherit nothing
Time for my shine
I aint worried bout nothing
I’m looking out for mine
yall don’t care about nothing

Imma do it big, when I get big
I don’t want a mansion,
I don’t want a crib,
imma need a city
I know how Imma live
40 acres and a mule
Better gimme my shit (Pause)
What you know about po
Piss po 6 kids on the floor
Can’t see, candles in the dark
Momma what we gone eat, I don’t know

Still I aint no joke
Lynch Party
But bring your own rope
the Riots in 67
Man it’s time to revolt

I’m the underground King
I cant be over thrown

Verse 3
Damn what’s up
With the rap game
Ganstas sat down
taking lap game1
anything Go
George killed tray
But he’s innocent to go2
A feminine man
Is the new Black image
Olive oil
She eating all the Spinach3
These devil telling me
If I want to win it
Take the Blue dress
Then hop in it4
But I’m Neo
I’m gone win it
You a wanna be hero
Stuck in it5
Bang this MoFo
Bang it
Strangle this MoFo
Hang it6
To these he she queen
London Bridges falling down
But we Going up stream7
I aint no mannequin
Or puppet with a string
Black Bottm to the Top
I’m the King of the D


from F​.​L​.​Y. First Love Yourself, track released February 23, 2014
DJ Too Faded



all rights reserved


Hashim Hakim AKA H2

Featured in the cipher with Jay-z and DMX "Backstage"

Hashim blends his survival knowledge of street culture and packages it effortlessly as he delivers a dominating presence to the Hip Hop culture.

Hashim Hakim Aka H2 is the unexpected spectacle of events. With love and warfare as his ingredients, H2 magically prepares the table for all who come to feast on a good music.

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