Hashim Hakim feat. Al Shereef - Him or Me

from by Hashim Hakim AKA H2

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The Clean Glass VS Dirty Glass approach on how women choose men.


Him or Me
I wonder how is on the top
Is the other side greener?
Is there a place called heaven
Or is it a only a dream?1
Is there a thing called love
Do we really know how?
Can I paint a peaceful picture?
Cause you don’t have none now.2
Overwhelmed by in debt
You’re probably blaming a man
Cause he helped you make them babies
Then he let go your hand3
Now your momma don’t want a man
You say you don’t need one
And your son picked up your vibe
Can he don’t wanna be one
Would you believe me if I told you
That they poison fast food
Just so we can buy medicine
To help the economy can move5
Now you’re in a situation
You probably wished that you waited
And you aren’t domesticated
So marriage is over rated6
I know boys will be boys
Boy R Us
If we aren’t trained to be men
Then toys are us. 7
Its role reversal, a feminine rehearsal
I refuse to wear a skirt
Help me break this curse

Would you believe me if I told you
That they poison fast food
Just so we can buy medicine
To help the economy can move8

Verse 2
He got fast cars
He balling in dough
I got 1000 acre
and a UFO1
He got money to blow
Always dressed to kill
I invest my dough
I got a Nation to build2
Cause he’s respected for killing
I’m respected for peace
He’s destroying other family
Just so ya’ll can eat3
They used to ride horses
As a mode of transportation
They used to talk through wires
As a form of communication4
Things aint the same
It’s a whole new generation
People do change
So I’m constantly waiting5
General order 1 2
Take charge of my post
Then walk my post in a perfect manner
My family is my post6
They tell me that I’m settling
And I can get so much more
They can’t see through the mud
And I know this for sure7
This is aint the life for you
I know you’ve heard this before
you are one of a kind
I don’t wanna chance it no more8

Verse 3
Where it all go wrong
From death do us part?
White girl got his money
Black girl got his heart
It really doesn’t matter
What I say right now
Contemplating being
It’s okay right now1
I take it and fake it
And shed the tears of a clown
The ones we love the most
Keep tearing me down2
Hurt people hurt people
So that’s our ways
We used to be a peaceful people
That’s our natural ways3
And Now …
I back away
My heart shuts down
When you act that way4
Scared people can’t win
Cause they don’t take chances
So when that real deal comes
They be scared to advance5
You know every move
To them devilish dances
But you aint never made love to god
This Righteous romancing6
Defensive stance
Exhale I’ll enhance it
Cherish your chances
It’s your time to advance7
Add 7 units
Happenstance let’s change this circumstance
I’m ready don’t leave me hanging
I’m extending my hand


from F​.​L​.​Y. First Love Yourself, track released February 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Hashim Hakim AKA H2

Featured in the cipher with Jay-z and DMX "Backstage"

Hashim blends his survival knowledge of street culture and packages it effortlessly as he delivers a dominating presence to the Hip Hop culture.

Hashim Hakim Aka H2 is the unexpected spectacle of events. With love and warfare as his ingredients, H2 magically prepares the table for all who come to feast on a good music.

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