Hashim Hakim, Reese Maryam - I'm Listening

from by Hashim Hakim AKA H2

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Romance, Remixes, and Relationships and old fashioned stimulating good conversation.


I’m Listening
Verse 2
I don’t argue with atheist
I’d tend to disagree
I believe in what I see right here
Looking at me1
A perfected reflection
Girl you don’t need that stress 2
How may I serve you, I heard you
I’m here to help
It’s true I want for you
What I want for myself3
peace of mind
Contentment from the pain that you felt
I was trained well girl
I must say so myself4
Money aint everything
But I’m self employed two jobs
Peter and Paul
no longer get robbed5
I offer freedom, Justice
And I’ll treat you equal
I’m here to follow up your sadness
With a happy sequel6
Whoa Slow down
I’m just trying to be friends
You do your part I do my part
Then we gone shine in the end7
I’m just tryna steal your heart
Then do my time in the end
Give me life-Thick or thin
Girl This time we gone win.

Verse 3
No rush for us to date
We can talk on the phone
And if we do trust me
We gone need a chaperone1
Know you get complimented daily
So can we go beyond?
If fact that’s how you got your child
But now your hero is gone2
Let’s take a stand and fight for love
Yeah let’s go through with trial
Let’s cross examine one another
Let’s go through the files3
Let’s take our time, it’s best to wait
As we investigate, making the same mistakes
Of regret shame and hate4
My god you are so fine
And if you could read my mind
I see the homes, the children,
The business the whole nine5
I’m committed before the ring
Ignoring them other Queens
Won’t be no come back home Charlene
If you know what I mean6
I’m dopamine in your nucleus accumbens
You crave for this loving
Got you budding, busting
Buzzing and blushing7
And I aint even touch you
Once I get in your mind
I’m just tryna get to heaven
That’s gone happen in time


from F​.​L​.​Y. First Love Yourself, track released February 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Hashim Hakim AKA H2

Featured in the cipher with Jay-z and DMX "Backstage"

Hashim blends his survival knowledge of street culture and packages it effortlessly as he delivers a dominating presence to the Hip Hop culture.

Hashim Hakim Aka H2 is the unexpected spectacle of events. With love and warfare as his ingredients, H2 magically prepares the table for all who come to feast on a good music.

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