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An emotional experience with Hashim Hakim from the home to the hospital as he gives birth to his daughter Zendayaah. Caution: (Includes live audio)


Verse 1
1 st comes the contractions
Jump into the contraption
Speeding to the hospital
Where it all happens1
This lady’s in the passenger seat
Screaming and slapping
She yelling at the traffic
Not funny but I’m laughing2
She doesn’t see me
You wouldn’t want to be me
I wouldn’t want to be her
I finally get there3
As I request the wheel chair
They contact Doc
Now this ladys out the car
walking across the lot4
Stop Maam
please down sit in the chair
I feel myself aging
Graying in the hair5
My son is trying to help
But he’s almost traumatized
Cause mommys on a stretcher
And she aint acting right6
Son begins to cry
Tears feel up my eyes
I gotta stay strong for my son
And my wife7
She’s about to give life
From a ménage je tre
Me and this lady
With the help of Allah8

Verse 2
Up the elevator
To the triage room
But little do they know
She’s already bout to bloom1
Now they have her strapped in
Counting the contractions
Like she’s over reacting
No it’s bout to happen2
Rush her to the delivery room
Says nurse
I pick up our belongings
Son grabs your mother’s purse3
The pain gets worse
Like why me
The lady start to scream
Like a nightmare dream4
No time for epidural
No time for Ivy
Cervix is wide open
I’m bracing like Finally5
The water bag is showing
Dr. Love breaks it
All the pain this lady’s showing
I wish that I could take it6
Then the pain fled
Lady open up your legs
Next contraction push
That’s when I saw my daughter’s head7
Joy feels the room
The sun started shinning
Rain down tears of joy
For Zendayaah


from F​.​L​.​Y. First Love Yourself, track released February 23, 2014
BLVCK VYNL, Reese Maryam



all rights reserved


Hashim Hakim AKA H2

Featured in the cipher with Jay-z and DMX "Backstage"

Hashim blends his survival knowledge of street culture and packages it effortlessly as he delivers a dominating presence to the Hip Hop culture.

Hashim Hakim Aka H2 is the unexpected spectacle of events. With love and warfare as his ingredients, H2 magically prepares the table for all who come to feast on a good music.

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